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Primary Training Audience: Municipal Chief Administrative Officers (CAO) and Municipal Emergency Coordinators (MEC) or those responsible for developing their municipal continuity plan.

Workshop Overview: This workshop is designed to cover the following Learning Outcomes (Main Teaching Points):

  1. Understand the Continuity Planning structure (5 x W’s)

  2. Stages of the Continuity Planning life cycle

  3. Conduct a basic Risk Assessment (Generic and Specific)

  4. Conduct a basic Business Impact Analysis (BIA)

  5. Identify Appropriate Continuity Strategies

  6. Creating a continuity plan

  7. Exercising your continuity plan

Manitoba EMO and Communications Services Manitoba deliver a two-day media workshop for designated and potential municipal spokespersons during emergencies. The workshop helps prepare spokespersons for the intense, unanticipated pressure that media will add to an already stressful environment during an emergency in a community. It is designed to increase skills and comfort level in dealing with media as well as provide a better understanding of how media works in emergencies and how it affects your response. The workshop will include role play on camera as a spokesperson and in a group setting.

Workshop Overview: Topics covered include:

  1. Why You Need an Emergency Public Information (EPI) Media Plan in an Emergency
  2. Who Are the News Media?
  3. Good News vs Bad News
  4. Preparing for the Media
  5. Spokespeople and Interviews
  6. Interview Techniques
  7. News Releases and News Conferences
  8. Scrum Interviews and News Conference Exercise (Role Playing)