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Emergency Management (EM) 100 is designed to provide participants with a basic understanding of emergency preparedness and the emergency response system in Manitoba. The goal of EM100 is to demonstrate the core elements of emergency management by providing an overview of emergency management in Manitoba, including the various programs and the roles and responsibilities of the people involved.  This is the first course within EMO course offerings and is intended for individuals designated with responsibility for emergency preparedness or emergency response operations within a community or organization. This includes individuals from fire, police, ambulance, municipal departments, emergency social services, provincial government agencies and other participating volunteer groups.

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Emergency Operation Centre (EOC) 100 focuses on the EOC and its components. The goal of EOC100 is to reintroduce the functions of the EOC and expand on the facility itself. Specifically, staffing considerations will be discussed in regards to staffing levels, assignments, and support offered to the staff. Operational information, such as telecommunication systems within the EOC will also be explored as well as the hazards that may occur alongside these systems. Finally, the process of activation and demobilization of the EOC is examined.